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Alex & Samantha

When we first envisioned ATLPhotography, we wanted to build a company that focused on people. We feel that it’s important to inspire, connect, and nurture people through our photographs. We also feel that it’s important to offer people a way to enjoy their photos securely, at their leisure, wherever they are. We have designed our company to make the experience seamless, easy to use, and most importantly, personal. We want to craft the story of you.

I Photograph Life.

— Alexander Chiu —

Hello, I’m Alex. I live an extraordinary life. I’m a full-time photographer, designer, and computer genius.  I’ve been a digital photographer for over 15 years and I love film. I photograph life. I started delving into multiple types of photography as I traveled around the world. I’ve been on every continent except for Antartica, traveled to over 60 countries, dabbled in several languages, and I’m eager to experience more.   I enjoy capturing emotions, personality, and different walks of life. I have an amazing view of people. I want to share that with you. I’m interested in enriching your life with photography and technology.

Full time mommy, photographer, creative, and designer.

— Samantha Chiu —

Hello, I’m Sammy. My background is in the arts and that’s my style of photography. I’m a full time mommy, photographer, creative, and designer.  I love photographing details, people when they aren’t looking, and those spontaneous moments.  I’m the artistic genius of the family as well as being the backbone of the company. That’s why my photography so interesting.  I want to make you feel something with my photographs.

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